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Are you looking for Done For You Social Media Videos, Print Marketing, and Online Strategy every month to your inbox without hassles, that convert like crazy while making it easy to get more leads for your Martial Arts School? 
This program has been in the making for a few years.  Get on the interest list below. 
High Quality Social Media Videos.
The ONLY high-quality Social Media Videos and Facebook Ads out in the martial arts industry. These videos convert better than anything else out there. We tested it to prove it. 
Done For You Print Marketing
The BEST print marketing in the BIZ right to your door a month in advance for pennies on the dollar in our program. 
Monthly Strategy and Concepts. 
Every month you will get copy, scripts, and coaching from us and some of the top internet marketers in the game. We will have new strategies for you to deploy and crush with. 
Sales Funnels Training. 
Funnels are everything these days. They are the newest opportunity you can employ. Knowing how to use them, craft them, measure them and work them will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. 
Social Media Ad Training.
Social media puts your brand out in front of others. Using it correctly can have great results for your business. You will learn how to leverage these mediums to connect and attract students like a magnet. 
Content Creation Training.
Content creation is the secret sauce for your business. We will teach you how to create and produce content that will grow your business and have students and prospects chasing you. 
Cohesive Marketing That Converts. 
Cohesion is the other secret sauce that is seldom used in marketing of the martial arts. No longer do you have to send a disjointed message. Everything all done for you ahead of time in an affordable way so you can focus on building your business.
Marketing That Shows The Value of What You Do.
You transform lives, but many people do not know this from the current marketing that is out. This will change for you with the Muscle Up Marketing Calendar. You will no longer need to rely on sub par marketing. Now you will have marketing done for you every month by the TOP company in the game that will tell the story of what you do so you can enroll more students. 
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